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Shape your city's future!

Participating in the Census gives us our biggest civic impact next to voting! But this exercise of freedom only comes around every 10 years. This year’s Census is coming to a close and many areas are still under counted. The census effects more than congressional districts and electoral college votes. It impacts those things that directly impact the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). Things like: Child abuse prevention programs,  road repairs, school funding, lunch programs, parks and recreation, commercial and residential zoning, public transit, wildfire prevention and forest management, small business grants, hi-speed broadband wifi in both urban and rural settings. 

It probably won’t surprise you to know that according to the US Census Response Rates by State page. The states with the lowest response rates are predominantly southern states with high poverty rates and large poor minority populations. 

Out of the bottom 10 only Arizona, New Mexico and Montana are not in the south.  And each of these three have large swaths of poor minorities and high poverty rates. Especially among the indigenous groups. 

Unfortunately these are the  areas and population that need to be counted the most. Please spread the word, use social media. reach out to your friends and family. Ensure they complete the census.

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